UNIBLOCKER has a flexible high-torque blocker shaft. UNIBLOCKER comes with a unique swivel connector including a port for fiberoptic bronchoscopy while connected to the anesthesia circuit.


■ Hi Volume GB (Gas Barrier) Cuff

Soft high volume cuff made of silicone with gas barrier properties to reduce diffusion of gas into or out of the cuff. (Refer to the graph below)


■ Swivel Connector

UNIBLOCKER is equipped with a movable swivel connector. This allows rotation of the circuit if the patient is moved. The swivel connector allows easy insertion of a fiberoptic bronchoscope.

UNIBLOCKER installed in an Endotracheal tube.

■ Easy Removal

UNIBLOCKER is easily removed without disconnecting the swivel connector from the anesthesia circuit. Simply remove all the air from the cuff and disconnect the quick release connector.


■ Torque Control Blocker

UNIBLOCKER shaft incorporates a metallic mesh which gives torque control. The mesh is radiopaque.

Flexible torque control

With markers at every 1 cm

  • Indications

UNIBLOCKER is intended for use in airway management of surgical patients through an endotracheal tube to perform one-lung ventilation for endobronchial blockade of the left or right lung in thoracic surgery, lung resection, VATS, lobotomy, etc.

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