About Us

We are part of FlipFlop Co. Flip Flop was founded in year 1979,We are experienced in fields of , Medical Imaging,Cardiology and Surgery.

Our expertise is on consumables and Equipment business and Strong after sales service.

More than 38 years  valuable experience in marketing and selling  wide range of American, European and Asian products manufactured by worldwide leading companies.Company Philosophy is based on TQM(Total Quality Management)1981,Deming Philosophy, Serving & Leading, Defining mutual SMART goal with partners.

Company Core Values

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Justices and Fairness
  • Honesty
  • Equivalent rights
  • Keep the company secrets confidential

Company Seven Moving Fundamentals

  • Golden Rule. “Do to others as expect others do toward you”.
  • Family Values (trust, respect, teamwork, loyalty…)
  • Unity of the vision ( SMART Goal)
  • Leadership
  • Continuous Education
  • People, Assets of the company
  • Innovation

Company mission


  • Accepting challenges
  • Increasing our knowledge & expertise
  • Placing our company & our team in right place

We are committed to fulfilling the life of people who we work with ( companies, employees & customers)

Our Performance

Focus =>Energy/Power => Success

Keys For Success

  • Management/ Leadership structure and organization
  • Training and Education
  • Highly educated and professional personnel
  • Close partnership with our supplier and key customers and decision makers
  • Well Known Established Company in Ministry of Health.
  • Customer Satisfaction and happiness