About CVi

ACIST CVi simplifies contrast injection for all procedures from small injection in the coronary arteries to large volume injections in the ventricles, aorta and peripheral vasculature- while enhancing safety, efficiency, control and image quality.

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CVi Benefits

Simplifying Procedures

The ACIST CVi Contrast Delivery System  the sophisticated system that simplifies contrast injection for ALL your interventional and diagnostic cardiology procedures, from small injections in the coronary arteries, to large volumes in the ventricles and peripheral vasculature.

Simplifying Control

The ACIST CVi System’s innovative design helps make it simple to operate, allowing you to generate quality images and to focus on what’s important your patient and the procedure.

Simplifying Patient Care

We are passionate about patient care. The ACIST CVi System has been shown to reduce procedure time and the volume of contrast delivered to the patient by providing precise contrast delivery.

Simplifying Workflow and Efficiency

The ACIST CVi system is designed and built to streamline procedures and deliver faster case turnaround, while minimizing the use of contrast.

Increase Workflow and Efficiency


Up to 20% reduction contrast dosage to the patient 
                                                                                Up to 40% reduction in contrast and cost
                                                                                                                          Up to 30% reduction in procedure and setup time